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For Restaurateurs and Distributors

Capsicana Gourmet Zing Sauce is the condiment of choice for fine restaurant owners and distributors.

By serving your customers Zing sauce, you join a distinguished list of establishments, such as The Angus Barn, Tony's Oyster Bar, Townsend Gourmet Cuisine, Westin Hotels, Omni Hotels, 22 North Wrightsville Beach, Kelley's Restaurant, Flying Fish Restaurant, Darrell's, Red Sky Cafe, Goombay's, Gibby's Seafood, and more.

Capsicana Zing is a versatile sauce and can be used as a seasoning in every entree. Use it on seafood, steaks, American cuisine, Asian cuisine, and more.

Best yet, Capsicana Zing doesn't have to be refrigerated. Put it on the table and let your diners enjoy its taste without worry!

Zing Sauce has a shelf life of 2 1/2 years. That means you can buy in bulk and keep refilling containers without question.

Feel good about serving your customers Zing sauce. Its 100 percent, all natural ingredients make it a healthy choice. Lite Zing sauce gives your customers the added choice of a low salt and low calorie version.

An ounce of Zing goes a long way on any dish-- unlike most sauces.




What People Are Saying About Zing

"Zingy! It really enhances foods in both recipes or just sprinkled on. We finished off a stir fry with the dish and also made a dip with sour cream/mayonnaise for vegetables. We added it as a seasoning to ground beef for hamburgers. In all cases, it was a flavor enhancer."

--Kathleen Sanderson, Restaurant Business Magazine

"Zing Pepper sauce really is a great product. I particularly like using it in a Bloody Mary (and Vodka) cocktail."

-- Thad Eure, The Angus Barn