More Than A Sauce-- An Experience

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History of Capsicana Zing Sauce

Since 1979, Capsicana Zing Gourmet Sauce has tantalized the palates of food lovers everywhere. Its inventors, Cheng and Weng Ng, grew up in Malaya, Malaysia, and were used to peppers being used on various dishes.

When Cheng and Weng came to the Southeastern United States, they discovered that delectable seafood was being served with a limited range of boring sauces!

They invented Capsicana Zing to salve this culinary crisis and adapted their sauce to the palates of their friends. It soon became a favorite sauce for everything from barbeque pork to vegetable dips, from salads to seafood.

That's why Capsicana Zing is the mature blending of East and West. It's the result of Cheng and Weng Ng's romance with the red pepper!


Zing is made with all natural ingredients. It contains no artificial preservatives. The sauce is made with Apple Cider, Vinegar, sugar, raisins, hot peppers, garlic, salt and spices.

Regular Zing Sauce Nutritional Facts

Diet Zing Sauce Nutritional Facts



What People Are Saying About Zing

"My cupboard without Zing sauce is bare and I just can't keep house without it."

--June Hamilton, Augusta, Ga

"A most scrumptious and delectable adornment for ordinary food!"

-- Linda Duncan, Oklahoma City, OK